Practice Area

Estate Planning

Assistance in the conception and creation of structures and instruments intended to provide the proper transfer of controlling interest, estate, and financial investments between generations, in the implementation of corporate coexistence rules such as the structuring of holding, investment funds, trust, foundation, offshores, and implementation of governance rules and shareholders’ agreements.

Estate planning is supported by three areas of Law. Family Law deals with personal relationships (prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, relationship contracts, wills, declarations of will, gifts, civil incapacity, social-affective acknowledgment, emancipation, etc.); Corporate Law addresses the structures to cover and protect the assets, in order to prepare the succession foundation through corporate agreements, fund regulations, among other governance rules for the political and economic relationships. Finally, Tax Law works in the tax effects optimization of the structures and the promotion, at each stage of the planning, of legal reduction (or the non-increase) of the tax burden, aiming at the best tax planning.