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PLKC Advogados was founded in 1982 and offers multidisciplinary services with emphasis on Tax Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Civil Law, Contract Law, Philanthropy and Social Impact Investment, Family and Succession Law.

PLKC started out counseling mostly companies, but at the end of the 1990’s, the firm turned out to also provide legal assistance to such companies’ owners and shareholders, as well as high-net-worth individuals. Therefore, as of 2000, PLKC further established its services in the area of Estate and Wealth Planning.  

Our Philanthropy and Social Impact Investment department also provides active advocacy by assisting in the drafting of bills and rules, with an eye on legislative improvement in the country.

PLKC counts on a united, integrated, updated, collaborative and responsible team, which strives to analyze matters through different angles, including broad internal discussions, always aiming at offering the client a direct and personalized service.


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Permuta Imobiliária – Lucro Presumido

Despacho PGFN 167 dispensa os procuradores da União federal a apresentar contestação, contrarrazões e recursos em ações que versem sobre a exigência do IRPJ, da CSLL, do PIS e da COFINS em operações de permuta, sem parcela complementar em dinheiro (torna), realizadas por empresas optantes pelo regime do Lucro Presumido e que tenham atividade imobiliária

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